• Enjoying her last weekend as an only child.

  • The @omega Speedmaster all dressed up for its special day on a dressy NATO from @havestonstraps. 50 years. Still a perfect design.

  • Today is World Typewriter Day. If you or any of your associates ever come across a typewriter in Dvorak layout, please contact me immediately. I have three of them, the only three I have found in years of searching. I love them. I will pay you a finder’s fee. I really love them.

  • From a while back.

  • Profiteroles are top 5 among most overrated desserts.

  • Been a while. I have so many photos to post. Feels too late now though… Cobblers’ children have no shoes.

  • Started shooting film again.

  • The Champions League concept of an “aggregate victory” is antithetical to the very idea of a game—sorry—match. It somehow manages to be dumber and more entertainment-killing than ending a game on penalty kicks.

  • This is it for me, and there’s still a ways to go.

    But along with this blogging foundation, Micro.blog tries to learn from the user experience of social networks. Can we make blogging much easier, so that it’s your primary home on the web, and the first place you think to post?

  • Couple more Louisa portraits.

  • Gettin’ crisp outside.

  • I dressed up for Halloween. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  • The first thing Louisa does each day: Find all the necklaces and put them on.

    I blame @alymakintosh for this.

  • This baby is 1.

  • Finally going through the last year of photography. Apologies in advance for how many Louisa photos I’m about to post.

  • Louisa had her first Hofmann’s hot dog today (correctly, with mustard). Also, she’s taking selfies now. Happy Fourth.

  • Progression.

  • Louisa got another new dress. Taking her first train ride today.

  • Louisa gets her hat-wearing skills from her mother.

  • Louisa’s first time in Wegman’s. She can’t even believe it.

  • Louisa’s first hike.

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